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GRANDPARENT'S DAY: A time to unite and help.

For the second consecutive year and because of Grandparents' Day, we joined forces as a company to provide support to elderly people in a state of vulnerability.

Let's remember that the purpose of the Route with cause activities is to make us reflect and dedicate time to those who may need our help.

On August 29th, in conjunction with the Jhanun Vera Association of Lerdo, Durango, we had the opportunity to make a difference and help people in vulnerable situations by delivering 25 kits of household cleaning and personal hygiene items with a warm detail of an individual cake to sweeten their day.

We had a very emotional experience participating in this dynamic. We know that society can often neglect the elderly and that is why we joined together to help them and raise awareness of the importance of continuing to provide support when we can.

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CHRISTMAS: The joy of making children smile

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